Warning: Hackers are gaining access to your site, ruining all your hard work, and destroying your bottom line!

They're all around us... hackers who would take from hard-working internet marketers like you and me; breaking into our sites, and destroying all those hours of hard work...

From: Richard Mortimer
Friday evening at 6.29pm
Protecting your internet investment

EZ Store Script

Marketing Friends & Colleagues,

With so many of us making a full-time living off of our websites, hackers are literally coming out of the woodwork to steal what we've put in long hours to create...

From downloading products right from under our noses, to actually using our own servers to send out their SPAM emails using our hard-earned reputations.

These low-life cretins will even go so far as to steal our entire customer database for their own deceitful purposes, and then wipe our servers clean when they've taken all they can!

With thousands - and even hundreds of thousands - of dollars going into our businesses each and every year, it seems rather silly for us to be leaving ourselves so open to destruction...

Doesn't it?

Well, what if I told you that I have found an amazing solution that will foil all would-be hackers attempts to destroy our livelihoods?

And what if I told you that this incredible, simple solution was a measly $7?

Seven dollars - to protect thousands... hundreds of thousands...

Would you be interested?

The fact that you're still reading tells me you are, so allow me to take just a moment of your time to show you this amazing new tool I've found...

EZ Store Script

EZ Store Script

This amazingly simple to install script allows you to do things with your website that you've only wished were possible up 'til now...


With the EZ Store Script you can:

  • Add and remove administrators to your site with just a few clicks of the mouse

  • Easily integrate PayPal & ClickBank payment processors for all of your products

  • Use the EZ store script with any website template you may be using

  • Secure all of your downloads from the clutches of would-be thieves

  • Secure your paid membership areas from the prying eyes of free members

  • Have complete control over your email system - no more worries about scammers hijacking your account

Just imagine... never again needing to worry about whether the information contained on your site was safe...


Never again needing to worry about being shut down because some unscrupulous hacker decided to send out thousands of SPAM emails using your server information...


And never again needing to worry about losing all of your information when some thief tries to wipe out your server!


EZ Store Script takes all of the worry out of being a site administrator and an internet marketer - for good!


Yes Richard, I'm ready to order my copy of the EZ Store Script right now!


In addition to protecting your site, your information, and your livelihood, EZ Store Script also makes being a site administrator easier than ever before.


The EZ Store Script includes an amazing web template manager that lets you go in and make site changes whenever you want, without needing to worry about shutting down your entire site from paying customers.


This amazing program also includes an unlimited auto-responder system, making it easier than ever for you to stay in touch with your customers and leads...

All of this in one easy-to-install script!


But Wait...!



The best part about this script - besides the incredibly low price tag - is the fact that you get to take it for a fully functional test-drive for a full eight weeks!


If at any point during that time, you don't feel like the EZ Store Script is the most amazing protector of your online investment...


You just let me know, and I'll send you your seven bucks back right away - no questions asked!


Why am I offering a no-questions-asked guarantee?


Because I know that if you're as concerned about your online business as I am, then the EZ Store Script is going to astonish you with just how simple it is to install and use - not to mention the peace of mind that you're finally going to have, knowing that dubious hackers can't touch your online investment!


"Peace of mind is the most important part of achieving success..."

Brian Tracy



This definitely holds true when it comes to running an online business...

If you're not confident that your site and investment are safe, you're going to have a difficult time getting your mind in gear so that you can reach all of your goals.

The EZ Store Script helps you to do just that - have the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is being protected from thieves and criminals 24 hours a day!

There has never been a better time to protect yourself and your customers. You owe it to your business to install your copy of the EZ Store Script today, so
Download Now
and rest assured that the EZ Store Script is keeping your business safe!


 Richard, I'm ready to make sure my site and online investment are protected. I want to get my copy of the EZ Store Script right now so that I can have the peace of mind of knowing that my information is safe...

Click The Button Below To Download!

To Your Success!

Richard Mortimer

I have to be honest with you, at $7 the demand is going to be incredible for the EZ Store Script. Because of this, that price tag may not last long, so I urge you to order your copy today. Remember, you've got nothing to lose except for the fear of losing your information!

Imagine - while you've been sitting here reading this letter, would-be thieves and hackers were trying to figure out how to get into your site, steal your information, and ruin your good name with their own despicable practices. You could stop all that by grabbing your copy of the EZ Store Script right now!

Imagine how much better you'll sleep at night, knowing that your hard work, your customers' information, and your well-deserved reputation are safe - all because you grabbed the amazing EZ Store Script today!

One more thing. Obviously, for all this, $7 is a ridiculous price. We could easily charge $47 and it would still be great value. We will put the price up when we reach a certain level of sales. The current $7 is purely introductory. So grab your copy today!  

OK Richard, I am convinced, take me to the download link right away!

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